How To Get Access To The Most Advanced Workforce Management System

If you have a company that is continuing to grow in size, you may discover that it’s becoming more difficult to conduct your business. Not only will you have more employees to manage, but you also need to have a better way of managing sales and expenses. It’s important to gravitate toward modern technology, systems that can be integrated with tablet computers and all of your computer systems that you own. In order to do this properly, you will need to work with a company like TimeTrex that offers the best workforce management system on the market today.

How Does Their Products Work?

Their product is actually very unique in how comprehensive it is. First of all, it has a facial recognition system that can be integrated with tablet computers. When an employee arrives at work, it can identify them by their facial characteristics, even if they are wearing glasses or a hat. Within seconds, they will be logged into the system. This will allow you to keep track of every employee as to when they arrive, and when they go. It is also a comprehensive system that helps in many areas including job costing, expenses, and scheduling.

Scheduling And Leave Management Options

When you are creating the schedule for your employees, if it is a rotating schedule, this can become very daunting to manage. It is easier when you have employees that are supposed to arrive at the same time every day, and work the same days week after week. However, you may have a company where you have rotating schedules where employees have a different schedule every single week. Trying to manage this by hand would be very difficult, yet with the workforce management system from TimeTrex, this will no longer be a problem.

Payroll And HRM Options

Another problem that people have, especially when they are adding more employees to their business, is dealing with payroll. There are so many things that you need to keep track of and deduct from the gross amount of their salary. Using this system, everything can be processed in just a few clicks, plus you can also have it print checks and also make direct deposits. It can also work with very popular payroll providers including Millennium and ADP. Electronic pay stubs can also be produced and delivered and when it comes to tax time, you will have everything in order.

These are just a few of the many options that you will have access to with the workforce management system provided by TimeTrex. If you believe that it is time to upgrade your system for managing all of your employees, they have exactly what you need. From time and attendance to scheduling and leave management, this software can do all of this and much more. You can talk to a representative of this company to get started with their company so that you can make running your business much easier than ever before.