How To Optimize Mobile Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic Mobile Ads

Today, brands understand that mobile advertising is necessary to reach consumers. Many leading brands have already started integrating mobile into their media buying campaigns and many are using programmatic ad buying to drive their ad spend on mobile. This is a trend projected to go upward. Programmatic ad purchases currently represent 67% of all display ad transactions in the United States with mobile comprising 69% of that spend.

The popularity of programmatic is not only due to its efficiency but also its effectiveness. It is important to note that the effectiveness and efficiency of programmatic depends on taking advantage of all that programmatic has to offer and implementing good buying strategies.

Here are 5 tips for maximizing programmatic ad buying campaigns:

1. Optimizing For Viewability & Protecting Yourself From Fraud

Lack of accountability is one of the greatest challenges facing programmatic ad purchasing. Many brands have lost a lot of money after paying for placements that never appear on the websites or apps that they thought they were buying. Find controls to help you buy the most viewable placements from the best of publishers.

2. Targeting Upcoming & Premium Apps

Effective vendors of mobile programmatic ads also offer the highest level of sophistication with regards to their ability to showcase your ads into apps that draw the most engagement and attention from consumers. Find vendors who are capable of ensuring direct access to premium apps and offer a wide range of targeting options including the option to cap view frequencies and impressions to be served on device level.

3. Showing Creatives Designed Specifically For Mobile

Mobile is unlike other platforms. It is actually its own category of digital advertising and you need it as thus. The interaction that consumers have with mobile is different. If you would like your ads to resonate better with the target audience, you should integrate insights such as device orientation and the moment at which the ad is served into how you design the mobile creative.

4. Monitoring, Testing, & Tweaking Performance

Programmatic exchanges usually never lock you into a long-term contract meaning that you are free to evaluate campaigns constantly and make the necessary adjustments. Mobile is the best choice of platform for performance marketers since it provides real-time performance reporting.

5. Taking Advantage Of Cross-Platform Opportunities

Mobile is a powerful platform since it is a direct channel to consumers. However, the most effective campaigns are those that become a natural part of the daily life of a consumer. Programmatic ad placements need to follow the target audience from one screen to the next while still complementing other advertising channels. Having your mobile ad appear in a premium up followed with supporting marketing on other channels creates a very impactful message that will inspire action.

Final Thoughts

Programmatic ad buying is the future of mobile advertising and if you would like to get the most of it, you should follow the 5 tips discussed here. If you are looking for a great programmatic ad platform, you should look no further than